Write Video Game News For Us

    Hey, you!

    Yeah, we’re talking to you. You clicked this page for a reason, that reason is you’re interested in writing about video games. No, we’re not psychic, just highly logical.

    As you’re here, you may as well carry on reading.

    We here at FarmGolds pride ourselves on providing entertaining and informative articles, reviews and news pieces, but it’s not easy. We’re currently a small team working around the clock, gathering the latest news and delivering it to your eyeballs via the Internet. It’s hard work, but YOU could make it easier.

    We’re looking for hard-working writers who are interested in video games, take pride in their work and want to build upon their CV and gain some credible references.

    Contact us at the below:

    [email protected]

    Job Requirements:

    Must love video games. Applicant will have played more games than they’re eaten hot meals. You will have an intricate understanding of what makes a video game great, not just average.

    Your thumbs will be cramped and crooked from playing for so long. In fact, if your hands look even remotely normal, we don’t want to hear from you…(Only joking, we don’t discriminate!)

    You must be able to write at least twonews article per week and one review per month. It doesn’t matter what the game is that you review, so long as the writing is of a high standard, unbiased and is relevant to the reader, we’ll publish it. (As long as we haven’t already reviewed it!)

    In addition, we only release the games currently supported on our website.

    Last thing:

    You must be awesome. If not, your email will go into the digital bin.

    To apply, just head over to the Contact Us page and follow the instructions. We’ll get back to every single applicant within 3 working days. Unless you just send emails of abuse, we take that as a priority and will reply with quick wit within 2-3 hours. Day or night. You have been warned…

    Seriously though, if you want to have something interesting to do  for a few hours a week, we can help you out. It’s great for your CV and you can call on us for references. We’re a good bunch and you’ll get help and training every step of the way. So stop reading this and send us an email or pass it onto a friend who may be interested!

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